MEDHACK is Melbourne’s premier student run Healthcare Innovation hackathon. Every year, we bring students together at the intersection of design, engineering, healthcare and entrepreneurship in a 48 hour sprint to help reimagine the future of healthcare.

This year’s theme:

Assistive Technology

That means any type of technology (and we do mean anything!) that tackles a challenge associated with disability.

App, new fangled grabby thingys, autonomous wheelchairs, vests that vibrate to music, if it improves someone’s quality of life, you’re in good stead.



What MEDHACK is all about

It’s All About Collaboration

You know what’s better than making cool stuff happen? Making cool stuff happen with other cool people.

Yep, that includes you Ben, the med student. (How are placements going?) And you Sasha, engineering wizard. (Take a chiller from the FYP!). And you Jezza, designer extraordinaire. (Portfolio’s looking good 👌). And yes, definitely you Adib, mr visionary entrepreneur. (Come find your next rockstar startup idea with us!)


It’s About Learning, Not Competing

MEDHACK isn’t about winning. It’s about learning by doing. It’s about bringing a bunch of your friends to that thing that’s happening in the city where you’ll spend a weekend of empathising, designing and building, in a big room filled to the brim with positive vibes.

This is what you’ll learn about, at the very minimum. (Buzzword bingo anyone?):

  • Co-Design

  • Human Centred Design and design thinking

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Medical devices and the associated legal things you should be thinking about

  • All you need to learn to get from idea to startup

  • Assistive technology and its role in tackling the challenges of disability


It’s About Doing Good 👏

MEDHACK is about venturing beyond the classroom. You’ll get to learn how your skills can be used to make a difference in people’s lives. Every year we choose the theme of MEDHACK very carefully, and our purpose for 2019 is to help explore the conversation surrounding disability and bring the community together to co-design solutions that help address the challenges our friends and family face, potentially on a daily basis.



And yes, we think that’s pretty cool.



What's Gonna Go Down

You and 200 other intrepid human beings will descend on the Good Shed North in Docklands, Melbourne on the 3rd - 5th of May.

We’ll match you with a Co-Designer ( a person experiencing a disability ) and you’ll have 48 hours to build something cool, addressing the challenges that may be faced by your co-designer.

On Sunday afternoon (5th May), you’ll pitch for $2000 in cash prizes and other (top secret) prizes. After MEDHACK, if you wish, you’ll get access to technical and other forms of support, as we gear up for MedTech’s Got Talent. This is totally optional but we’ll release details about this after MEDHACK.

Yes, you can come as a team (max 5). And yep, If you’re alone, we’ll match you with other brilliant human beings (New friends, yay!).




What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology encompasses more than just sensory aids and prosthetic limbs. You may not consider it, but people with all manner of impairments need to be able to use a computer, look after their pets, and enjoy recreational activities such as playing games. Hearing-impaired individuals need alarm clocks that vibrate. Those without use of their fingers need a different knife and fork.

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, system or design used by individuals to perform tasks that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. What you create can be anything that is demonstrably an Assistive Technology. MEDHACK will challenge you to explore solutions with creativity, not complexity.